I'm David Borgonjon。

I co-curated In Search of Miss Ruthless with Hera Chan、 The Visible Hand、 and Really, Socialism?!

I've worked at EyebeamWave HillMomenta Art、 and SCREEN。 I help out with Sinosolidarity and Admin ⚙。 I teach curating at RISD and study Chinese at Columbia

I've written about competition and Gu Dexin

I am easy to find


策划过寻求无情小姐 (与陈思颖)﹐无形之手﹐以及社会不现实主义.

也曾在 Eyebeam波丘园Momenta Art﹐和介面工作过. 正在给小團結行政员⚙帮忙. 在罗德岛教策展﹐在哥大读中文